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What life is really like on set

Being a commerical model is not easy. I recently shot an advert for a tea brand. It required that I stand in fake rain for five hours and pr

A weekend of good food and wine

The Good Food and Wine show 2017 was full of good food, fine and a fun experience for everyone involved with a seemingly endless variety of

13 Best Charity Stores in Joburg

I have a passion for clothes, especially the affordable ones. My somewhat eccentric wardrobe led to the discovery of charity stores and here

The Gin and I

I The Beefeater Distillery Considering the ongoing love affair that I have had with gin for some years now, it seemed only natural that...

Wine not? The Whiskiest affair yet.

The Wine and Malt Whisky Affair sponsored by Wade Bales, Old Mutual and Kaya FM held at Hype Park corner saw the mall transformed into a...

The longest day on set

I have been in the modeling industry for 12 years no and there have been quite a number of shoots that I have done over the years....

Jump on board with JumpIn Rides

Ever sit in traffic and have a look around at all of the cars with just the driver in them? All of those empty seats with the potential...

Savouring Swakopmund

Swakopmund is one of the more beautiful Namibian cities with a wealth of activities, sites and food to experience. Follow me on my trip to t

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