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About me

"So much to do and so little time" seems to be the mantra these days. With stress levels through the roof it can feel like a quarter-life crisis is looming ahead. 

But instead of giving in, why not take some time back for yourself to experience life and enjoy the finer things.

Convenience is key when it comes to time management and rather than searching for the best bar of trying to figure out how to make cocktails, opt instead for the simple solution to soothe your nerves.

Simply pop a Gin Queen G&Tea into your gin and let it diffuse your stress. Give back to yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor with the teabag that infuses both colour and flavour into your gin while you sip.



My story began here:

I fell in love with gin the very first moment it touched my lips. And quit my job to give in to my passion.

It began with the hand-sealing, hand-filling and hand-stamping my bags and labels, experimenting with different materials and finding the perfect blend of botanicals.

Two years later, all of my hard work led me to be the success I am today - as SamSamButDifferent I've been invited to judge the South African gin awards, become a published blogger on gin distillers, crafters and entrepreneurs and had established PR companies inviting me to exclusive events and allowing me to do what I love - drink gin.

That's my story and I'd love to get to know yours. Let me take you on a unique and personal taste experience with the Gin Queen's G&Tea so you can simplify your life.

Feel free to write to me for any questions, orders or even to tell me how gin changed your life


What are botanicals?

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