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Best of Bryanston

I’m not sure about others but as a local, I have a habit of remaining within the handful of suburbs I know well. This meant that exploring Bryanston was a great treat and allowed me to discover some real gems

Café Del Sol Botanico is quite a mouthful in name and taste. The indoor plants and nature themed décor gives it the feel of a greenhouse. From seafood starters to pasta mains woven with a quaint Italian theme, the flavours just explode in your mouth. They pride themselves on their sauces and so they should! It’s hard to believe that rolling pin lined kitchen doesn’t open to the streets of Florence. I lost count of the number of pages in the wine menu simply because of large selection. (I promise that’s the reason!) South African, Italian, international, by the bottle, by the glass, sparkling, red or white – no matter your preference, Café Del Sol can cater to your needs.

For less abstinent entertainment, there is Social on Main, which is satisfying as both bar and restaurant. I enjoy it more as a bar with the light, open and airy indoor and outdoor seating; it’s the perfect atmosphere to enjoy their incredible cocktails, local craft beers and South African wine. They’ve added a quirky taste wheel to the cocktail menu which helps guide you in the right direction if you’re unsure of what your drink vibes are. Their long bench seating is perfect for functions and parties. Social on Main offers street style food which is bite sized and the perfect accompaniment for a beverage.

Bryanston organic market is great for foodies and the outdoor shopping experience. Stalls offer the freshest and purest produce for you to take home and whip up a storm with. Especially in these summer months who could say no to a fresh strawberry daqueri whilst getting all the health benefits of organic fruit with no colorants, flavourants or preservatives? That’s my kind of diet!

More than fresh produce, the Organic market is comprised of stalls suitable for anything you could possibly want. Delis and bakeries stock homemade sourdough bread, pastries and cakes for something a little more indulgent. Coffees to get your week off to a kicking start. Italian cheeses for the refined palette. Perfect for those with not enough time to cook dinner daily – there is even a stall that offers home-cooked pre-prepared meals with a vegetarian option.

Then for the sweet tooth there is Melt Chocolaterie in Nicolway. Confectionaries lain out behind glass displays to tempt you. The mere thought of this dessert parlour has somehow made my jeans a little tight around the waist! It has the feeling of a little French café and it doesn’t only specialise in desserts. They have beautiful gourmet open sandwiches which leave you with just enough space for a sweet treat. Open till 6pm, you can stop by after a hard day at the office to treat yourself.

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