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Nautical adventures on the Vaal

Boats are pretty classy but not all of us have one or the license to use one. It’s not the end of the world though because one short weekend at the Vaal will leave you richer for knowledge, experience and boating skills.

If you are lucky enough to own a boat then you’re likely to be aware of the richness that the Vaal has to offer and if you don’t, then you’ll surely be heading down there this weekend!

River rafting, fly fishing (ideally from a camping chair placed in the river), bird watching and cruises are just some of the many amazing options to choose from.

There are many restaurants dotted along the river banks, so if you’ve forgotten to bring a picnic basket then you will still be sorted!

There are various boat launching facilities and slipways all down the Vaal for your convenience.

For us Joburger’s without boats, never fear, there is still hope. We are all catered to in this magical land.

A more romantic or couple’s option would be the houseboats. You can literally cruise and snooze! Ride the Vaal in the day and moor it safely to spend the night.

What I love about this selection is that the company that hires the house boats out, also offers the service of issuing a temporary Skipper’s License or Certificate of Competency. Now you can be captain for the weekend. After a proper briefing and making sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions of course. This is only for the houseboat though. The high-powered ones need a little more studying and practice. You can’t become James Bond in a day.

If boat riding? Driving? Steering? If being behind the wheel isn’t for you then you always have the option of boat cruises where all the hard work is done for you and you have the chance to just lie back and take it all in.

Various venues along the Vaal are perfect for weddings, conferences and other functions and provide stunning accommodation.

Stonehaven on Vaal offers five different types of rivers cruises of varying lengths. When I say luxury I mean open top deck with sun loungers and jacuzzi, sipping on complimentary sherry as you float down the Millionaire’s Mile – a stretch of river dotted with exquisite homes. Once you’re done cruising, why no pop into their pub, restaurant or wine cellar? You may want to relook at that accommodation after all.

So if you haven’t managed to book a December at the coast, reconsider the Vaal for a lekker water getaway

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