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Cape Town Carnival 2017 - Ocean Odessey

The Cape Town Carnival is doing it differently this year and if you haven’t attended before, then 2017 is most certainly the year to do so! The March annual festivities have always been a celebration of the unique and diverse creative identities born to both the Mother City and to our beautiful country and are an absolute delight to witness. What’s so big about 2017 you ask? Well this year they have upped their game by collaborating with M-Net’s Channel O DJs to add even more soul to the already spectacular Carnival. The Carnival is set to take place on Saturday the 18th of March 2017 at the Green Point Fan Walk. It’s a 1.2km parade so do remember to wear comfy dancing/walking shoes because you don’t want to be partied out before the final bash!

Cape Town Carnival 2017 costume

The 2017 Cape Town Carnival theme is AMAZA Underwater Odyssey

The 2017 theme is “AMAZA- Ocean Odessey” and we are all looking forward to the underwater extravaganza of floats and costumes. The parade and event combined are expected to draw a whopping 50 000 people who can all expect to be pleased by the top DJ line up. Little mermaid, eat your heart out! The Channel O sponsored open air after party will be headlined by the award winning DJs Fresh and Euphonik. Their stage is going to be quite a sight, as an float shaped like a sea urchin which will be surrounded not only in stunning lights and colours but of course – giant speakers to pump the party through.

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh is going to show off his talents

DJ Euphonik will help party the night away

CEO of the Cape Town Carnival Jay Douwes expressed excitement at working with M-Net’s Channel O this year, making the carnival a brilliant all-round experience.

With more than 50 community groups presenting floats, larger than life puppets and breathtaking costumes exhibited along the 1.2km parade route, the surrounding fans are sure to get an eyeful.

What I love about this carnival that is currently set to become one of the seven jewel events of Cape Town, is that it not only encourages international tourists from far and wide, but creates job opportunities for locals. From the set building to the all important logistics, creatives are given the wonderful opportunity for community participation within the arena to showcase costumes, clothing, set-building and floats. It is one huge stage where they can all come together to show off while having the time of their lives.

Cape Town carnival float

The enormous floats truly are a sight to behold

M-Net General Manager for South Africa Nkateko Mabaso articulated pride in this outstanding event. The local content offering is a source of pride with Channel O as the perfect brand to host the after party which is just another opportunity for the various local music genres in SA to be showcased.

Seated tickets are available for those looking for a bird’s eye view but personally I would opt for the VIP tickets which allow you to be in the very thick of things, just what you would want for this amazing celebration.

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