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Choo Choo Chewing away

Steam engine for steam punk restaurant

Linden has had some work done recently and it looks fabulous darling.

Having grown tired of my local spots, I decided to head up to Linden for a Friday night dinner and was pleasantly surprised.

Things have changed and it seems that Linden has acquired a little bit of a night life which I absolutely adore!

Ever since Greenside was taken away from me, there has been a big empty space in my weekends.

Melville has done a sterling job but the options have now officially been widened!

My initial destination had been the Brian Lara Rum eatery, which seemed to be the central hub for the weekend fun, but much to my disappointment, they were only serving bookings and I was in no mood to wait an hour before even seeing a menu. Forced to make alternative plans, we took a walk a little further up 4th Avenue and came upon Choo Choo Junction.

The Steam Punk/Steam train themed restaurant is entirely whimsical with the staff all wearing top hats or bowler hats and casual wear that sets the tone to be really laid back. It was as though a friend was serving us. The decor is steam punk themed once again with dark walls and locomotive pieces on the walls. It is small but cosy which adds to that relaxed feel. Miniature steam engines adorn various shelves. It’s adorable.

The menu was small and simple with no single food theme running through it which I loved.

They offer anything from flat bread pizza to deep fried macaroni which was delicious by the way. Comprised of two squares of crumbed mac and cheese that are deep fried and hearty enough to make for an entire meal. I had the Asian chicken salad topped with peanut oil. Served on entirely different crockery to the other meal, once more it was as though the owners are having a little bit of a laugh but ensuring that the meal atop it is darn good. Call it an amalgamation of quirkiness and culinary flair. The meringue and berry dessert was too good to pass up and I was not disappointed.

I was lucky enough to also experience their burlesque valentine’s special which was simply divine. A three course meal paired with wines and a gorgeous romantic atmosphere. It was a night to remember.

I am totally loco over their country themed (taste destination) evenings too, the most recent being Spain which was an absolute treat. Their on tap brannas draught which I thought was some sort of beer but it is literal brandy and coke on tap is certainly not something I’ve ever seen before. If that’s not daring enough then perhaps you can give the absinthe on tap a try. They host a number of themed evenings which are very interactive, some even encouraging dress up. As a girl with a passion for dramatic outfits, I know that I will never be in want of an opportunity to don my most outrageous outfits now that Choo Choo Junction is here to cater to all of my needs.

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