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27 Boxes Night Market

27 Boxes night market in Melville

Hump day no longer needs to be a slump day with the 27 Boxes night market in Melville!

Open on Wednesday nights till 9pm, it’s the perfect mid-week break. Initially I thought the layout of 27 Boxes would be open and exposed but the incredible use of shipping crates and concrete have resulted in an unusually diverse self-contained shopping centre that is both open and closed off simultaneously. I was expecting to feel the cold wind but a slight chill was quickly chased off with a large glass of red wine. So there is no excuse not to visit as the seasons change for the cooler months.

27 Boxes Night market is an awesome chance to meet up and chill with friends. What I love about The Countess (apart from their incredible food and warm atmosphere) is that you can pay a small deposit on a glass and then get to walk around and explore the stalls with a beer or glass of wine in hand.

If you are looking for a little more relaxation then pause for a moment at the live entertainment. The plush sofas and eclectic seating offer a view of not only the performers but 27 Boxes itself as you are seated right in the midst of things. Watch the world go by, accompanied but a stunning live soundtrack on a Wednesday evening.

Live entertainment

The food stalls offer anything from boerewors rolls to sushi and even authentic Korean food accompanied by kimchi! The variety is endless as there are regular newcomers all offering delicious culinary delights. If you have a sweet tooth then custard tarts or even a whole cake might just do the trick.

Sweet treats and cakes for sale at 27 Boxes Melville

Sweet treats

Vendors can choose from weekly stalls which are usually more suitable for the food stalls. Other can opt to become a bigger pop up shop which is based on a month to month lease. And as was the case with Mush Latte Cafe who recently turned permanent from a starting out as pop up shop, there is the full year’s lease option. The perfect symbol for how hard work pays off.

Once you have had you fill of chug and chill, if you are still wanting, then take a stroll through the many stalls open and sharing their stunning wares. The Blum Mill offers an assorted collection of jewellery, clothing and sweet little trinkets. I stumbled across a gorgeous ring and my mom found a necklace that she is very pleased about! There are speciality stores selling local comedic t-shirts and knick knacks, others with African prints and many local wares that were all too tempting.

Blume Mill

My mom at 27 Boxes night market in Melville

My mom already wearing her new necklace

Just when you thought 27 Boxes couldn’t offer more, think again. If you are in need of a haircut, of course there is a stunning hairdresser on site! Need a manicure? Not to worry – there is a nail bar available. Still not Zen? Then pop in for a massage. 27 Boxes is a self sustained and enclosed community. I mean they even have their own radio station for goodness sake!

Anyone for a haircut?

Radio station at 27 Boxes in Meliville

Radio Station

And for anyone feeling fancy, there are various art galleries showcasing incredible local talent.

A gallery and some wares

27 Boxes is an all-round winner, all-encompassing, all-knowing and all-giving. I truly had an amazing time and am looking forward to next Wednesday when I can go and experience it all over again.

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