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If I D'Usse so myself

Thirteen Rooftop bar in Braamfontein was dripping in urban opulence at the exclusive VIP launch of the elite D’Usse cognac on Thursday the 30th of March. Launched at the 44 Club in New York by the infamous Jay Z, the award winning cognac is smooth, classy and bold tasting. Our welcome drinks on the rooftop bar were sensational as we got to rub shoulders with celebs of the likes of Khanyi Mbau and Tamara Dey to name just a few. Their unique symbol was projected onto an adjacent building. The strength of that projector must be astounding to get such a clear shot!

Welcome drinks

The rooftop bar and projectors in action

The D'Usse logo projected on an adjacent building

For any who don’t know, D’Usse have selected the Cross of Lorraine to represent their brand; a fabled French emblem of courage, honour and perseverance.

The Cross of Lorraine is the symbol of D'Usse

After enough mingling and drinking, we were all invited to a lounge downstairs which was even more lavish than the rooftop. The plush chairs and stunning city views were the perfect setting to watch an amazing performance by renowned rapper Stoney T, complete with ballerinas and dancers.

While we all enjoyed the unique cognac, various beautiful promoters and waiters were there to cater to our every need and the bar was stocked for a long night of festivities. D’Usse can be enjoyed in a cocktail or on the rocks which I would recommend – perhaps with a splash of bubbly.

The talented bar tenders mixing drinks

A delicious D'Usse coganc with a little bit of sparkling wine

It was a night to remember, and many won’t soon forget as a bottle of D’Usse was passed around for us all to take selfies with! For anyone looking for the taste of exceptional elegance, D’Usse is the bold new cognac that can take you there.


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