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6 sexy health benefits of gin

As an avid gin lover, I support all things gin centered. So what could be even more enticing than discovering that gin does in fact has numerous health benefits?

I mean apart from being able to bring on those tears if I am feeling a little emotional, I have scoured the net and forums to see what doctors have discovered about this beautiful drink once known as ‘Mother’s ruin’ way back in the 18th century.

Make a gin hot toddy to prevent colds
gin is a diuretic
  1. Helps you fight off ill health. We have all heard of a Hot toddy made with whiskey so what is the difference if you switch it out for gin? Or maybe just straight gin would be better. Juniper berries have a surprising number of health benefits including antiseptic properties that can help keep at bay those winter germs.

Mix up a gin hot toddy instead

  1. Good for the kidneys. Gin has diuretic properties which is why you need to go tinkle so often whilst drinking of this nectar. But never fear- this is actually good for your kidneys as it eases filtration and gets rid of bacteria. Juniper contains more health benefits than most medications. Bearing in mind this is just the berry alone but since it is one of the key components to gin I think it is safe to say that at least some of these attributes should filter though.

Gin has diuretic properties

  1. Makes you beautiful. Ok maybe a bit of a misnomer but Juniper berries have been used in makeup products such as lipstick, foundation, eye shadow and bath oils. So it has the potential to make you look prettier when applied properly! That being said, gin also has the properties to keep your skin looking young what with all of the antioxidants jam packed inside each bottle.

Certain makeup brands use juniper in their products

Certain makeup brands use juniper berries in their products

  1. Keeps malaria away. Although I think I have sugar in my blood because despite how much gin and tonic I drink, I still get bitten. For everyone else though, there is quinine which is a key component to tonic and derived from cinchona bark which was an essential medicine used in both the prevention and cure of malaria. Obviously don’t substitute gin and tonic for actual medication but view it more as a delicious and fun supplement.

supplement your malaria pills with a gin and tonic

Supplement your malaria pills with a gin and tonic

  1. Natural ingredients are better for you. Gin is a way to increase your herbal consumption. As we all know, gin is distilled with various botanicals to give each brand its distinctive taste. Generally the three most used components for the initial creation are juniper berries, angelica root and coriander. These are viewed as the holy trinity and it is difficult to find a gin distilled without them. There after there are a number of herbs which are commonly used though they do vary per brand. The most common being cassia bark, liquorice and nutmeg which make it a more natural flavoured drink. Gin is a great way to get a herbal dose in the tasty way.

Botanicals in gin and healthy

Various botanicals that gin is distilled with makes it a very herbal drink

  1. Keep that figure in check – gin on its own is a relatively low calorie drink. Tonic is a big culprit in hiding all the sugar. So if you are weight watching and in need of a stiff one, then just a shot of gin on its own is about 110 calories. I always use fresh garnish to give it a little more flavour such as freshly picked basil or a slice of grapefruit and some ice blocks.

There are very few calories in a shot of gin

Gin on its own has very few calories

With all of these surprising health benefits, I think it is right about time to pour myself a tall one because not only have I earned it, but it is good for me too!

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