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Jump on board with JumpIn Rides

Ever sit in traffic and have a look around at all of the cars with just the driver in them? All of those empty seats with the potential to be utilized for something good?

Well, JumpIn Rides is just that; a newly invented way to travel South Africa using carpooling and ride sharing! Travel anywhere from festivals to simple trips to university with the click of a button. JumpIn Rides has the ability to connect drivers and passengers instantly. The best part is that it’s completely safe because you know exactly who will be climbing in the car with you.

The website allows you to see who the other person is, how reliable they are and if it is safe to travel with them.

Whether you are a driver you can offer any empty seats in your vehicle to other members of the JumpIn Rides community any trips that you take around South Africa. If you are a passenger then you are able to hand select from the various rides offered on the website so that you can get to your destination cheaply.

Sign up is simple and the process is easy. For passengers you insert the address of departure, arrival and date of your trip in the “search bar” and browse ride offers until you find your match. From there you simply book it and send a message to the driver who will then approve you and discuss through the platform the details of the trip. Once the trip is complete you reimburse the driver in cash for your part of the trip and voila! Note that is you are struggling to find your ride there is the easy option of setting an alert to receive an email when someone shares a right that matches your needs.

For a driver simply click on “Offer a ride” and once again insert your address of departure, arrival and date of the trip. From there you can select any suggested stops if you like and select the price and number of seats available. You will be directed to fill in a form with details about the ride and publish it. Passengers will then contact you and you have the option to approve them and discuss details of the trip

Not only is carpooling easier on the pocket but it is good for the environment too with less CO2 emissions, less half empty cars on the road and of course, shared fuel costs, the benefits are almost endless. Hell, you may even end up making some friends along the journey! So head on over to their website to register now!

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