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Wine not? The Whiskiest affair yet.

The Wine and Malt Whisky Affair sponsored by Wade Bales, Old Mutual and Kaya FM held at Hype Park corner saw the mall transformed into a vast tasting hall. Thursday evening was filled fine liquor from all around the world that I am certain I would not normally be able to afford.

We signed in at the entrance and were given fancy bracelets and a glass which would be used for tasting all of the delectable wares inside.

With 100 wines from the top South African producers, over 75 exclusive international whiskies and a lovely selection of gins to choose from, it was difficult to know where to start!

Our ultra cool wrist bands

Well maybe not too difficult because I began with the gin of course!

Each brand had their own table and every liquor type had their own designated area. Luckily the gin tables were right at the entrance and I got started with a taste of the incredible Clemengold gin which I have wanted to taste for months. I am currently on the search for a bottle of my own! I then moved on to Wixworth, Triple Three, Beefeater 24 and Plymouth gin which I sampled with great pleasure. It is safe to say that some more articles will be coming soon.

Clemengold Gin is a sipping gin

Wixworth gin as fynbos as a botanical

Triple 3 gin has various African botanicals

From the gins we headed down to the whisky and cognac section which was bustling with people eager to taste expensive scotch. Renowned names like Glenlivet, Macallan, Nikka, Glenmorangie were just a handful of the beautiful whiskies which lined multiple tables. Served by gorgeous people, all with inside knowledge of the intricacies of their brand, I had a hard time deciding what I wished to sample. I think I managed a fair few, each a crisp and full bodied symphony that I couldn’t get enough of.

Some beautiful whiskey

Some beautiful whiskey

Please sir can I have some more?

Some of the fine whiskys

Some more fancy whisky

The best part of the night was when the bell tolled for a fifteen minute window where the most exclusive bottles were cracked open. I sampled a 21 year old that was unlike any whisky I have had before. I felt it was a privilege to taste such rare and exclusive whiskies. Unfortunately we missed out on the wine as we were rather preoccupied downstairs.

one of the more exclusive whiskies

I did manage to sample one brut sparkling wine which was delightful palette cleanser.

The evening was not solely focused on the alcohol though. Food was also served throughout the event. A platform was filled with pizza which was replenished every so often. It did feel a little unusual peeling the food off of a plastic podium of sorts whilst standing outside of clothing stores but I like to think it only added to the ambience. Once I had finished with my pizza I headed straight over to the artisnal bread and cheese selection which was out of this world. I am a big fan of cheese and this smorgasbord did not disappoint.

We were also given a 10% discount voucher on all whiskies from Whisky Brother which was an unexpected surprise.

All too quickly the night came to an end, time lubricated by the liquor I suspect. By far one of the more enjoyable events that I have been to, I am looking forward to the next one.

For public who wish to join in on the fun next year, the tickets sold for a mere R250. So whether you spell it whisky like the Scots or whiskey like the Irish, be sure to keep an eye out for the next one so that you too can taste wonderful whiskies that are old enough to order themselves.

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