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Crafting an unusual Opihr spiced gin and tonic

Opihr spiced gin and tonic

Alcohol entices me. Now before you get worried – let me explain why.

I mean apart from the fun benefits, various alcohols are complex in their own ways. So much so that there are people who study it as a profession. I am by no means a master taster but my passion for gin has certainly deepened over the years. To me it is one of the more convoluted drinks.

Distilled from any alcoholic base of choice already there is depth to the drink from your very first sip. I have tasted the difference between gin distilled from chenin blanc and pale ale beer and it was rather noteworthy. Read my blog about the Woodstock Gin Company who uses both of these bases for their gins.

Next are the botanicals which my close friend makes fun of me for always talking about, but I just can’t help it. Each and every gin brand is different. Apart from the holy trinity of juniper, coriander seed and angelica root of course. There are even a handful of gins that diverge from there already.

It is the additional botanicals that should capture your attention because they are the ones who give you permission to use different garnishes. Generally gins will disclose a few of their botanicals on the back of the bottle and if not, then it is always a good idea to search their website. The botanicals offer another dimension to your plain old gin and tonic and awaken a world of flavours on your palette. Gin doesn’t only have to make you emotional; it can be enjoyed as a classy cocktail too!

Trying out a new gin

Opihr caught my eye as a spiced gin. Apart from a gorgeous bottle and alluring colours, the prospect of the spices had me hooked. “Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is crafted with a selection of exotic hand-picked botanicals, carefully chosen by Opihr’s Master Distiller, including spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, black pepper from Indian and coriander from Morocco.”

I mean could it be more stunning? I have been saving it for a special occasion and I think I found just the one. I crafted my very own Opihr G&T. I relied on the term ‘spiced gin’ which lead me to select chai tea and of course some cracked black pepper for garnish. The fear was real but it turned out fabulous. For anyone wishing to enjoy my little video of this delicious gin and tonic:

The directions are fairly simple.

The ingredients as follows:

  • 1 chai teabag

  • 2 dollops of honey (that’s a measurement)

  • 1 shot of Opihr spiced gin

  • Tonic

  • Freshly ground pepper

  • Clementine slice

  • Apple slice

Not too complicated but just interesting enough.

Directions are also pretty easy:

- boil a kettle and pour some hot water over the chai teabag. Add a little honey and let cool

- add one shot of Opihr gin to a large glass

- add the cooled tea blend. Similar ration to the gin

- add tonic to taste

- cut a wedge of Clementine and apple and pop in the glass

- top with a little cracked pepper and enjoy

I was right to go with the chai, the spices in the gin flourished and what I got was a warm, aromatic gin and tonic, perfect to ward off the last of the winter weather. Hands down, Opihr is the most exotic gin I have encountered on my journey and will now sit as a firm favourite in my list.

For anyone wishing to put their own twist on a gin and tonic, it’s as simple as discovering the botanicals and garnishing accordingly. Let me know what you come up with, I am super keen to see what flavours you use, what gins you are drinking. There are still so many that I haven’t had the pleasure of drinking yet!

To check out my botanicals tutorial click here

Opihr spiced gin and tonic

And if you want to check out the full video then simply view it below!

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