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      Calling all pastry lovers to PAUL Bakery

      When you reach adulthood, the desperate desire and need for toys dissipates as you face the world with different priorities. Ok well obviously it would be a little weird if a 30 year old was standing at the window of a toy store, staring in; eyes wide with desire- but you get what I mean. Life or should I say responsibilities get in the way of the more innocent joys of the world.

      I know I can’t vouch much for a longing for playthings but what I do know that there is one thing that brings me pure gratification as a grown up. Pastry. There is nothing like spending my hard earned cash on hand-crafted baked goods that taste heavenly. When it is well made, I don’t care about calories or cost or anything else at all for that matter. All that exists is me and my treat for those few moments in time.

      Needless to say, PAUL Bakery caters to that desire.

      I stopped in at their Melrose Arch branch for a quick brunch and it took me a good few minutes to get past the front door and that’s not just because of the number of people that were lined up to eat there.

      The front counter is comprised of glass displays all laden with a smorgasbord of confections.

      Pies, tarts, breads, cakes, brioches, croissants, strudels and more, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the baked heaven I had stumbled upon. Everything looked and smelt magnificent. It was so difficult not to blow my entire salary in one spree. I exaggerate, but their variety is almost too much to take in. I ordered two or three separate items to take home- it’s hard to remember after the food coma I went into once I devoured them.

      Some of the heavenly treats from PAUL

      Their selection is incredible

      The store is painted in a lovely pastel blue which gives it a quaint European feel. In summer you can sit outside and pretend you are in Paris as you watch the world go by. Inside the walls are decorated with baking trays and cute pastry paraphernalia and then best part - the kitchen is cordoned off only with a glass wall, allowing you to enjoy your meal and watch the beautiful desserts being made. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

      The lovely brunch we had

      Congratulations PAUL on all of your successes so far. May your stores continue to grow and hopefully open up one even closer to where I live...

      With baking as glorious as their, it’s easy to see why PAUL is a widely loved household name and I think that it’s just about time to head back for another visit.

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