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The best cocktails in Joburg

The Artisan's new menu

Welcome to the new menu - all photographs by Craig Tyndall

A couple of months ago, I visited The Artisan in Greenside to try out their gins and was pleasantly surprised by not only the quality of gin served but also the atmosphere and friendly staff. I was given a demonstration with their unique gin infuser but unfortunately I didn’t get to experience their cocktails because I was focusing on the juniper flavoured drinks. It was a lovely surprise to be invited to their new cocktail menu launch last night which entailed a fabulous evening of tasting, mingling and many photographs.

The new cocktail menu

The Artisan's new cocktail menu

The infamous infuser

The infamous infuser

The Artisan has brought in brand new menus that look slick and contain stunning new cocktails as well as some of the old favourites. Their goal is to become renowned as a bar that is able to create any cocktail imaginable. Even if it is not on the menu, The Artisan wishes for patrons to associate their bar with the ability to create any classic cocktail. Looking for a Rob Roy or an Old Fashioned? A Tom Collins or a Dirty Martini? They are all available and some have a unique Artisnal twist on them. The White Russian for example has Kahlua jellies at the bottom or the Pina Colada has a coconut spritzer that you pour in from a light bulb shaped glass.

White Russian with Kahlua jellies

White Russian with Khalua jellies

Pina colada with coconut spritzer

Pina colada with coconut spritzer

We were lucky enough to experience a number of these fresh cocktails and they were spectacular.

They have even introduced smoking various plants and making that complex flavour part of certain drinks. The inverted glass is then served and you get to have a spectacular cocktail that is an event on its own. Lifting the glass slowly so that the smoke wafts out and leaves a residual taste on the drink itself. The idea is so unique and out there that it works. They really know what they are doing because all of their flavours are on point. They also use good quality alcohol including Sipsmith gin and Dewar's 12 year old whiskey.

Dewars Bramble

Burnt Thyme Salted Bramble

Ma Petite Fleur

Ma Petite Fleur

Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

I have to mention the one that blew my mind. Called the Gentleman’s Breakfast and featuring melted butter and crispy fired bacon, I was worried it wasn’t going to work. The first sip was like a kick in the teeth. It was sour, sweet and gorgeous all in one go. Honestly a drink worth returning for.

Gentleman's Breakfast

Gentleman's Breakfast

As if they didn’t already have absolutely everything already going for them, the best part about The Artisan is just how affordable all of their drinks are. Even the cocktail featuring a 12 year old whiskey only costs R72

Affordable and good quality

Affordable and excellent quality

There is a lot of work that goes into crafting each individual cocktail but they are all so reasonably priced that you would easily have a couple or more depending on your mood. Each drink is noteworthy and I think, no I know that I will be returning again and again until I have tried that entire menu and then some.

Thank you for an amazing evening and for allowing me to experience your creations. I can say for certain that my favourite cocktail bar in Joburg is The Artisan in Greenside!

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