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Hendrick's Jelly Gin Shots with Tonic

Hendrick's Gin jelly sots

I’ve been making my Sipping with Sam videos for a while now and I wanted to try something a little different, so I began to consider jelly shots.

I had this idea that I could make a gin jelly, set it and then drop the jelly shots into tonic.

It worked out a little differently though.

I began with a packet of lemon jelly. In hindsight I would recommend something a little sweeter because on its own, this gin shot was amazing but mixed with tonic it was a little tart for my taste.

So my recommendation would be something like raspberry or strawberry jelly.

I poured the packet in and added 225ml of freshly boiled water to melt the jelly crystals.

I stirred until there was no residue left and then instead of adding cold water, I added 225ml of Hendrick’s gin.

It was then time to decant this mixture into shot glasses. I suggest shorter ones because the shooter is quite sticky and difficult to retrieve out of a longer glass.

Pop them in the fridge overnight because I suspect that the half alcohol content makes it harder for the jelly to set. I am not sure if leaving mine for a little longer would have helped them set better, but do try leave them in for as long as possible.

Finally I got my gin glass, decanted two jelly gin shots in and topped it off with some tonic.

Honestly it was quite bitter for some reason so my recommendation would be to use a sweeter flavoured jelly if you are going to mix it with tonic. Alternatively if you only have lemon flavour then skip the tonic altogether and shoot those suckers straight up!

I might give these another bash with a different jelly but perhaps I am better of sticking to just plain gin and tonics. What do you think?

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