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Making leggings for a Storm Cosplay

Storm cosplay leggings

Part two of my ongoing Storm cosplay creation is the leggings. (If you missed part one - the cape, then check it out here)

I spent over a week visiting various fabric stores, trying to find the right material for this project. Eventually I dragged my mom along to Chamdor in Northlands Deco Park and we found a material that was close enough to what I needed. I adore going there because it is basically fabric heaven! They had the perfect plastic/faux leather but it was only available in white so instead I opted for the slightly shimmery, black stretch fabric that most of my leather look leggings are made out of.

I bought two metres which may have been excessive but I am sure I will find some other use for what is left over.

I’ve never made anything like this so I chose to use some sort of template to start off with. I grabbed a pair of leggings and used them as a stencil. After measuring them on my own legs, I saw that the full length of the tights would be enough for me to trace and cut out the basic shapes.

Using leggings as a template

Using leggings as a template

I am a little crappy when it comes to accuracy because I don’t have marking chalk or a proper setup (or maybe it’s just who I am as a person) so things were a little wonky but I don’t mind. As long as I have fun while creating these costumes, then it is worthwhile.

Cutting the black fabric

Cutting the black fabric

Once I measured and cut out the black fabric, it was time to move onto the gold. I used the same technique as previously where I folded and cut, which in all honesty did leave it a little wavey but I simply went back and trimmed it to shape.

I only needed one strip which I cut into four pieces and began to lay over the top of the legging.

Gold fabric

The gold fabric

In order to get a sharp triangle at the top, I recommend something like a Post-It or soft cardboard that you can cut and stick underneath the fabric. Most sewing machines should be able to sew through thin card, mine is currently giving me issues so I opted to do the little triangle by hand.

Use a Post-It to get that strong triagnle shape

Use a Post-It to get that strong triangle shape

Once that was complete, I pinned the rest of the gold onto the legging (make sure it is the right side – I sewed my second piece onto the bottom and had to start all over again!)

Pin the gold lining on

After I sewed the gold lining on

Then I sewed the gold lining on very carefully.I left a little excess on either side so that it would be able to tie a little tighter just in case the legging was loose or I messed up in some way. I then turned it backwards so the open part was at the front, tied it to my leg and began to pin it all the way down.

Pinning the legging

Pinning the legging

I would highly reccomend doing this step because it allows you to match the fabric to the curve of your leg.

Unfortunately my machine was not cooperative, and I had to sew the leggings by hand but it was alright, because it was just a simple stitch down the back.

I repeated this same process for both of them and stuck them on over a pair of black shoes and I have to say that I am pretty happy with the results.

The final leggings

The final leggings

There are just a few more components left to this costume, so stay tuned for more videos and posts next week!

If you are interested, you can check out the full video tutorial below!

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