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A Monkey 47 Gin and Tonic

Monkey 47 gin and tonic

A couple of weeks back, I went to the launch of the latest Union Bar (which was incredible by the way – definitely worth a visit) and I was gifted a bottle of an exclusive gin called Monkey 47.

It is a German gin that contains 47 unique botanicals which to me is just mind-blowing.

The irony though is that it is recommended that you serve this gin with only a piece of grapefruit rind.

I found that a little boring and decided that I wanted to experiment a little with the flavours.

With 47 to choose from, it was a tough call.

I actually had to write down on a list some of the botanicals contained in this gin so that I could read them out loud in my video. They include; rosehip, almond, mint, all spice, cloves, orange, ginger, chamomile and something adorable called marshmallow man.

That being said, a large part of which fresh botanicals and garnishes I use for my gins, stems from what is in season.

Currently that just so happens to be strawberries.

One of the botanicals in Monkey 47 is chamomile which as I found out in one of my previous Hendrick’s gin videos, is complimented by strawberries. Lucky match!

A second botanical is mint, which I have fresh in my garden.

Strawberry and mint botanicals

Strawberry and mint botanicals

Now there is something absolutely stunning about strawberry and mint together. Its refreshing in an almost sexy way!

And last I added some all spice which comes in the form of large woody balls.

Initially I had a look at the cloves botanical but the thing about that spice is it has the tendency to make your mouth feel like you have just come from the dentist. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Even with just one clove in. So this time around I opted for whole all spice and the flavour was absolutely amazing!

Whole All Spie

Whole All Spice

Last I topped it all of with the best tonic that you can buy which is Fitch and Leedes. I wrote an article a while back of different tonics including the Woolworths sugar-free version but it tasted just wrong to me. I stumbled across the Fitch and Leedes lite Indian tonic and was highly skeptical at first. But after tasting it, I was blown away. You can barely taste the saccharins. It actually tastes like normal tonic with a hint of the artificial sugar flavour. So if you are looking for a lower calorie option, I would definitely recommend this tonic. It also didn’t take anything away from the gorgeous gin which was a big priority for me.

So there you have it, just one of the many ways you can enjoy Monkey 47 gin.

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