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A most unusual affair

Hendrick's gin event

Sunday, high tea, Westcliff. Need I say more?

Well how about we add some gin to the mix? Hendrick’s gin to be more specific.

A gorgeous almost manor like house situated behind the Westcliff hotel, was transformed for one afternoon and it was most enjoyable.

Ginbledon, which was a play on Wimbledon, was an extravaganza of noteworthy proportions.

The white attire only served to aid with the old timey feel. There is something very classy about a party dressed all in white I must say!

We were entertained by professional actors and actresses who ambled across the perfectly manicured lawns, each with their own back story.

Sister's playing on the lawn

The sisters who were being fought for

It was rather entertaining watching two suitors play a tennis match with a wager on one of two stunning sister’s hands in marriage.

I was a fan of the crazy pickled aunt who carried her bottle of Hendrick’s everywhere she went.

The suitors playing a tennis match

The suitors playing a tennis match

Honestly Hendrick’s is one of my favourite gins out there, not just because we got to attend an amazing event but because it truly is a most unusual gin.

Distilled with cucumber and damask rose, it is almost always served with fresh cucumber slices which always give it a refreshing, summery flavour that I absolutely adore.

Top it off with a Fitch & Leedes pink tonic which is flavoured with cucumber and rose water, and you are set!

Hendrick's gin and Fitch & Leedes toni

Hendrick's gin served with Fitch & Leedes pink tonic

We were served a variety of drinks all day including a potent punch, an old fashioned G&T and the one I returned to have a second helping of called a Summer Mule which was a sweet twist on a Moscow Mule.

Potent punch

The potent punch was served in teacups

Apart from the interesting decor (including a stuffed lion), there was also live entertainment which created the Sunday afternoon atmosphere that this noble gin required. There were lawn games, a photo booth, photographer, TV show hosts and of course what event would be complete without a musical candy floss machine?


The cute photobooth

The attention to detail was immaculate, ranging from the ginbledon painted onto the lawn to the branded glasses and most importantly – the gifts!

As if an open bar serving Hendrick’s gin wasn’t enough, Lionswing PR also saw to it that we received either a gorgeous branded umbrella or a gift package containing a beautiful branded fan, deck of playing cards and the most exciting gift of all – a copper shot pourer that will be making an appearance in my Sipping with Sam videos pretty soon.

Stunning branded umbrella

The beautiful branded umbrella

I have to say that this peculiar jamboree was the best start to December that anyone could ask for and I am now ready for the holidays and a lot more gin, aren’t you?

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