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Tanqueray gin sorbet

tanqueray gin sorbet

Since it has been so sweltering hot here in Joburg, I decided that it was about time that I started looking at other ways to use gin that might help cool me down. I had already baked the gin loaf and the rhubarb gin cupcakes so I considered what else was out there.

Of course! Sorbet! (Full recipe and instructions below)

I was super excited for this idea, not only because it was going to be fun to make but also because this time around, I knew I wasn’t going to be cooking off all of the alcohol. The time had come to make an adult treat!

I began by looking at which gin I wanted to use. I opted for Tanqueray in particular because it has very few botanicals which meant that it would have more of a chance of mixing nicely with different fruits.

For the fruit I opted to use what was starting to get overripe and wrinkly – in this instance it was two bananas and two kiwis. I also knew the kiwi would add a tartness that would make it taste delicious.

The process was rather simple – all you need really is a blender of sorts.

I began by chopping up the fruit into pieces that I would then blend.

Once they were fairly smooth, I added two shots of gin and blended it some more.

Then in place of a simple syrup (sugar and water are the final ingredients in sorbet) I opted to use tonic water which is already quite high in sugar. This you would need to add to taste – I ended up using about three double shots of it. I gave it a final blend, poured it into a metal cake tin and popped it in the freezer for a few hours.

Once it was frozen, it was time for the final taste test and man was it potent. I enjoyed this summer treat and will definitely give it a bash with different ingredients and gins to see what else I can come up with!


1 – 2 fresh kiwis (depending on how tart you want it)

1 – 2 fresh bananas (depending on how much banana flavour you want)

A double shot of Tanqueray gin

2 – 3 double shots of tonic water


Simply blend all of the items together in the above order and pour into a metal tin.

Freeze until solid and serve!

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