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The Snedorf sisters sample gin

my gin collection

Hi there lovelies. How has your January been?

It’s only just over a week left and already it will be February. I have been a little quiet because I have some very big and interesting things in store for you.

What? You may ask.

Well, consider a week in Cape Town.

What would any gin lover do?

A distillery tour of course!

That’s right – February is the month of love, the love of gin that is. And I plan on consuming all of it! So ready yourself for some awesome footage, images and interviews over the next few months!

In the meantime, I wanted to provide you all with a lovely video that I filmed recently.

My baby sister has come back from the USA, and her feelings towards gin are not as loving as mine. In fact, I would say they may even border on hatred.

And with that in mind, what else would a caring older sister do other than coerce her into sampling an array of gins?

Yip, I forced my younger sister to go through my large gin collection in an attempt to grow her love for gin.

I thought that we had a pretty decent setup. The range of gins included local and international gins all from a medium to very high price points which meant that there was a lot of good quality gin in there.

My sister examining to gins

My sister examining the gins before she gets tortured

The idea was to get her (and myself of course) to taste each gin with a little water at first, just to experience the normal flavour of it on our palettes. That resulted in a lot of face pulling and even some shivers. From there, I looked at a key botanical that each and every single one of the gins contained, and we then did a second taste of the individual gins, whilst holding those said botanicals in our mouths to experience how the flavours changed.

Obviously I could taste it and I had a fabulous time. My sister however had to take a break in between and ended off by telling me that she would not be joining me for another video.

For the full anecdotal footage, you can check out the Youtube video below.

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