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What it means to change a life

This weekend I attended a party where I met a young lady who I didn’t immediately recognise but seemed to know me. When I asked how we were acquainted, she informed me that in 2006 I changed her life.

Just like that- she was super casual about it too.

Needless to say, this stopped me in my tracks.

Let me rewind the clock back twelve years to set the scene.

Back in 2006

I had matriculated the year prior, was attending university alone as all of my high school friends had gone to Wits while I went to UJ. There had been a large falling out with the majority of them and this period was at what I easily consider to be the beginning of the height of my depression. At that time I was still quite active in the church and I would teach a holiday bible club over the winter school holidays. I am not entirely sure why I attended or remained for this one because as I say, I was out of touch with my friends and was even sat down at a point and basically asked to leave. It is strange to think of it now because there was no real reason for me to stay where I wasn’t wanted, yet I did, until the very last day.

That final day, I was requested to give my testimony to a group of grade six and seven kids.

My story at this point in time is far more powerful as I have mostly overcome everything but at that moment, it was still very intense having survived very dark times and things that I should not have.

And it was on that day; I somehow spoke into a little girl’s heart and miraculously managed to have a positive impact on her.

Death obsessed

I don't have any photos from 2006 but here is one from 2008 indicating my obsession with death

Bakc when I was depressed and burning/cutting myself

Back when I was depressed and burning/cutting myself as you can see on my arm

Back to 2018

I’ve been pondering it for a while now and everyone I recount the story for, is as blown away as I am.

It got me thinking that I would love to do some sort of outreach for teenage depression and self-harm (although I am not entirely sure how to go about doing that).

I also began considering my life in the bigger spectrum of things; particularly in terms of my website and my writing.

Words are my passion. It honestly makes me fundamentally happy to my core to be able to write about things that I enjoy.

Yet it’s not always easy and some days when I put a post out there, I am not entirely sure that anyone is going to read it. Or that it will make a difference to anyone’s life.

Having an impact

Blogging is technically a business and I am still learning how to employ those industry techniques in order to get a following, whilst remaining true to myself. I don’t want to commercialise my work and put up affiliate marketing on my website in order to attempt to bring in revenue.

I would rather stick to beautiful things that make me smile (and hopefully you too!) and find other sources of income because I want my work to ultimately be an extension of myself.

For this reason, I have begun adding products to my page and will be expanding my lines there. I have also decided that I will be doing far more giveaways which are engaging for you and also allow me to showcase the crafts and work of people that I like and wish to give some exposure.

Some of my earrings

Contact me

So if you have anything interesting, any crafts, skills or work that you think I might like, please do hit me up and if it is right for my blog, I would be more than willing to share it here!

My aim is to have a greater, more positive impact in this world that was dark and full of hurt for me for so long. And I hope that you can join me on this journey as I attempt to bring a little sparkle into your lives.

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