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World gin day

World gin day

Hi everyone, I would like to start off by apologising for my silence. It’s been a while since I’ve posted because life has been so hectic of late.

When I began this journey of going on my own, I had no idea that I would end up where I am today.

And though I still have miles to go before I sleep, there is this strange peace that is in my heart, assuring me that this was indeed the right decision.

Late last year I recognised the need to go more niche in my blog which is why I have become the gin snob that I am today. With over 25 bottles in my cupboard, an incredibly dorky amount of gin knowledge and a flair for cocktails, I am happy in my work for the first time in my life. And though my day to day is still not 100% established and set in stone (which I guess I like) my social media presence has been growing.

More and more people within my industry are beginning to recognise and acknowledge me which feels incredible because it has all been on my own merit and of course with your support as readers and viewers!

It is not easy being your own boss, nor is it simple trying to cut it in the journalism world. There are still times where I second guess myself, especially with people in my life who do not support the path that I have taken but I am lucky because there are so many more who DO love and support me. And as for the naysayers, well they just push me to prove them wrong.

It is for this reason that I have decided to expand into products and what I have been occupied with over the last while.



The recent launch of my G&Teabags is the very first step in an even more intense direction.

These cute little gin accessories add flavour and depth to each and every gin you sip.

And though I am still figuring out how to traverse the many obstacles that are keeping life from being perfect but at least I am moving forward which is such integral issue for me.

Often crippled by anxiety, I tend to become frozen by fear which is exactly why I have been actively choosing to oppose those fears on a daily basis.

When I told myself “No risk, no reward” and sent a spur of the moment email to Ginbox last week, it was with great joy and surprise that I received and accepted their invitation to an exclusive gin event where I not only got to taste gin but also made some interesting contacts, got much positive feedback and the motivation to push even harder.

Craft Cartel

The Ginbox event at Craft Cartel

I am also hoping to add gin tastings to my repertoire so if I do get that right, do bear me in mind for your next party. Ask anyone that was at our World Gin day party on Saturday where I spent the day making lovely unique gin and tonics for my friends!

Every day is a brand new chance to fight a little harder and do a little better which is exactly what I am trying to do, even though I don’t always get it right.

So this is Sam, signing off with a stressed but hopeful heart!

P.S if you are interested in my G&Teabags, please feel free to pop me an email on

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