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    About Sam Sam But Different

    Sam Sam But Different is my blog which showcases all of my current work. I have selected this platform to display my love for gin and passion for travel. I am a qualified journalist with magazine and digital writing experience, over 12 years in the modeling industry and have traveled extensively 

      My Moonrise Kingdom Cosplay

      September 11, 2017


      My love for cosplay and dressing up should be a little more apparent now and because of that, I've decided to track the progress of any costumes that I make moving forward. At a later stage I will also be doing a Youtube video for my Halloween outfit which I am super excited for. But in the meantime I thought I could share the outfits that I made for a Wes Anderson themed party not so long ago.

      Honestly if you ever want to get me to come to any sort of event, just give it a dress-up theme and I will be there.

      I am passionate about costumes but even more so when they are those of couples.


      Now one of my favourite Wes Anderson movies is Moonrise Kingdom (second to The Grand Budapest Hotel of course) because it is sweet and strange and I actually identified with this odd movie and its quirky main characters for some reason. So it only made sense that my boyfriend and I would dress up like Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop. I didn’t have a lot of time for the preparation of these outfits so they weren’t perfect but in the end, we still looked pretty amazing and had a great time which is all that matters. Ok mabe also that we looked fantastic and I got the praise that I needed.


      I started off with his costume which was relatively simple. I went to a charity store to buy most of the items and then just did some editing to make them look right. Everything I got for this cosplay came from The Curiosity Shop in Northcliff. For more about charity stores in Joburg check out this post. 

       Everything I bought second hand 


      The khaki shirt was pretty simple. It just mostly needed badges and brooches.

       All of the badges and brooches I bought 


      I sewed a couple of them out of felt (badly) and then hit up the second hand stores for some brooches and badges.

       A badly sewn patch 

       A HORRIBLY sewn patch 



      For the scarf I bought a yellow t-shirt and cut one long strip with points at the end. I stretched and pulled it a little so that it would roll up and tucked that under the collar of the shirt.


       Yellow shirt I cut for the scarf 


      Lastly for the toggle, I had bought two pairs of fluffy legwarmers which had little pom poms on the end. I safety pinned one into the scarf and it looked perfect.

       Almost there- just a few more badges to go 


      The legwarmers went for a brief photoshoot on my legs and then they were cut up entirely to make the racoon style fur hat.




      I measured around my boyfriend’s head and then cut up the first plain legwarmer. It needed some additional fabric to make a full circle which I then sewed closed. These things were a nightmare to cut because they dropped faux fur everywhere.

      Next I cut a sort of round part for the top of the hat, again out of the plain fabric and then did a hand stitch inside. The fur hides a multitude of sins so even crappy sewing isn’t a problem cos you can just floof it up to cover the ugly.

      Last came the tail. I bought a second pair of legwarmers that had a vague striped pattern on them. They ran the other way but it was the best I could do.

       The "striped" legwarmer 


      I cut a long strip down, ending in a point, sewed it up and stuffed it with teddy bear stuffing.

      I then attached that to the base of the hat.

       The fur sausage that become the tail

       Mandatory hat selfie


      The last part was the shorts. We managed to find a pair of khaki chinos which I made him put on to measure above the knees. Then when they were off again I cut them, did a hem which I pressed with a hot iron just so the folds would stay and did a small tack on the sides so that it would remain in place.

       The almost complete outfit with the long pants 

       The cut off pieces 

       The hem 


      I managed to find a longish pair of socks from the Chinese store up the road from me. He paired it with dress shoes and a bright orange backpack and that was it for him.

      I thought that my outfit was going to be easier but it actually wasn’t. Like I said, due to a lack of time, I was forced to buy a dress and alter it. The only options were a bright lumo pink fluffy one or this looooong light pink ghost one. I selected the ghost dress which came down to the floor and had tulle sewn into the shoulders. I chopped the dress right down because Suzy’s is quite short and took out the arm puffs.

      The ghost dress in its entirety 

      The tulle that was sewn in the sleeves 


      This dress was way too big which is where my problems began and they ended with the fact that it was a 1980’s fabric that puckered at the very sight of a needle. I tried to take it in on the sides so that it was slightly more fitted and put a hem in the bottom which mostly worked but not really. My mom pointed out that the empire waistline was causing problems so she helped unpick it and sew it straight across.

      The seam that I put in the side 

       Putting a hem in


      That left extra pieces to cut off on the sides and then sew to match the back of the dress. It wasn’t pretty but it worked when I paid it up with a belt to cinch my waist.

      I then cut the sleeves which were way too long.

       The sleeve ready to be cut 


      I considered putting cuffs on but began to run out of time so I settled on the collar only. I bought a white pillow case which I traced and cut for the neckline. I had to do double layering which I turned inside out to sew, leaving a small gap through which to pull it back out to be the right way round. I sewed these onto the dress and tacked them down at the back.

      Measuring and marking the fabric along the collar 

       Cutting the collar to size 

       The collar before I turned it right way round 

      Pinned on ready to be sewn 


      I also found a pair of white high socks which I put on along with blue eyeshadow and tied my hair in a half pony at the back. I found a pair of binoculars though I could have easily made them out of two toilet rolls.

      And finally the flowers I made just because. I took splinters of wood and cut them on the bandsaw to size. Then I cut off uneven strips from the pillow case, twirled them around the tops of the sticks and glued them. In total I glued about three individual pieces of fabric onto each stick to give it a flower appearance. It was a bit boring having to carry them around the whole time so I would suggest skipping this part unless you want to go all out.

      And voila. Just like that, we had two wonderful outfits. My partner’s was better though.




      They were fun to make and I am already counting down the days till Halloween even though we don’t even have a party to go to yet!

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