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    Sam Sam But Different is my blog which showcases all of my current work. I have selected this platform to display my love for gin and passion for travel. I am a qualified journalist with magazine and digital writing experience, over 12 years in the modeling industry and have traveled extensively 

      What to wear & where to go this Halloween

      October 23, 2017


      Halloween is literally a few days away- can you believe it? Well, this year it is more about the parties on the weekend before the 31st of October, seeing as we don’t really do trick or treating and house decorating the way they do in the States. If you are a fan of this awesome time of year but have not yet found an event, then look no further because I have a list of parties that you can still attend as well as some last minute costume ideas in case you are not as prepared as I have been (I began my costume creation in September...)


      Halloween Parties:



      1. Halloween at the Rand Club on the 28th of October. This one is a mega bonus because the Rand Club is a prestigious and exclusive club that not many get to see the inside of. There is a high member fee that allows an elite few into this historical building which it turns out was built in October 1887 by Cecil John Rhodes. He may have a spotty past but you can't erase history, so why not take this opportunity to see some of Joburg’s monuments between 7pm – 11pm this Saturday. Tickets cost R200 and include access to the burned out top floor as well as the basement. 

      2. Tweak will be doing a throwback Halloween concert at 99 Hanover Street in Pretoria on the 28th of October from 9pm – 1am. It is a great chance to dress up and reminisce the good old days. Hopefully this old school jam will culminate in you and me and Christina Aguilera in the hot tub all night long...

      3. For any comic book fans, Cosmic Comics will be hosting a Halloween Comicfest with some cool deals, voucher and promotions available in store while stocks last. From 9am – 4pm it is a great chance to dress up and geek out!




      4. Jackal Creek will be hosting a Halloween themed day. Including DJs, food stalls, trick or treat, animals, best dressed and fun for kids – it is a family event too. On the 28th of October from 3pm – 10pm. Check out their page for ticket pricing.



      5.  For any fitness lovers, there will be a Halloween Parkrun in Bramley where you can dress up and race. Starting from 9am on the 28th of October, it sounds like it could be great for exercise junkies. I do not run, ever, so this will also not be on my list.

      6. For any party animals out there, Truth will be hosting a Halloween ball featuring various DJ’s – none of which I know. Starting from 9pm on Saturday the 28th of October going all the way through to 6am the next morning. In all honesty, Truth scares me a little and reminds me of the vampire scene in Blade. So I will be giving that one a miss



      7. There will also be a Harry Potter Halloween quiz on the 29th of October at Rumours Rock City. If there is one thing I love more than Halloween, it is Harry Potter so this is a dream combo. The quiz is from 2pm – 4pm and then you can obviously stay for drinks after while garbed in your finest witch or wizard wear. Cost is R240 per team – contact them asap to see if there are still any spaces available.



      8.  On the 5th of November, Perron will be hosting a Day of the Dead party where they will be celebrating with margaritas and macabre merriment. It starts at 12 midday and ends at 7pm so it is more of a day event where you can soak up the sun while getting your face painted and enjoying the mariachi band and of course loads of tequila.

      9. If you are keen to hang out with just your friends then why not host a Halloween party of your own. I will be going to a house party and living out my vampire fantasies. House parties are far more intimate and fun in a different way. I love drinking and chatting to friends while all dressed up. It makes me smile.

      10. If none of these appeal to you, and you are keen on a night in, then why not line up a range of horror movies and make yourself some lovely Halloween snacks and spend the night scaring yourself. For a list of horror movies on Netflix, you can check out my horror movie review




      There- now that you have a vast array of Halloween parties to choose from, it is time to focus on the next component- your outfit. I have included a number of potential costumes here. Once you read them you will notice that none of them are half-assed jobs like sticking various grey colour charts on your shirt and calling yourself 50 shades of grey. Dress up is a big deal to me, so even my more simple and basic suggestions will require a little work. Sorry but that’s just how I am – I never turn down a chance to go all out.


      (Mostly) Basic Costumes for Halloween



      1. Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls.  It does require a steady hand and some face paint but with those two components, you are set. Simply paint your face white, leaving your lips, nose and holes around your eyes which you go in and paint black afterwards. Then paint your lips black (or use black lipstick). Paint your eye sockets and around black and your nose. For the finer details, I suggest liquid liner. Go back and paint black lines extending from the corners of your lips outwards. Then all along those lines and around your lips, draw short black lines all around. On your nose just outline it a little unevenly, think of what a nasal cavity would look like on a skull. Then finally the steady hand is required for the decorations around the eyes. Usually little semi-circles around the black eye holes are enough but if you are creative then feel free to be more elaborate. Top it off with a red flower in your hair if you are a lady and a fedora or bowler hat if you are a man. Or even without these accessories, it looks amazing. 


      2. Doctor and a nurse. These are pretty easy. A white dress which you pop a little red cross on for the woman and a white hat you can even make out of paper. A disposable apron and mask for the man. My boyfriend once made his own little knife out of wood which added to the look. Mix up a little fake blood or just use red lipstick to make it a little more Halloween themed. 





      3. Vampire. This is fairly simple. It does require a few things though but that would also be dependant on the type over vampire you want to be. Usually dark clothing – corsets are ideal for ladies. And capes add to that vampish feel. For instructions on how to make a floor length cape or a circular capelet check out my two Instructables posts. Finally the makeup is most important. Start out by making your skin pale. Then add black to underneath your eyes- a little red helps too. Hollow out your cheeks with a dark colour blended in and for women add a red lip and some fake blood. If you don’t have those plastic fangs, then you can make a set out of false nails and a little denture glue. I have a tutorial here coming soon to my Youtube channel.  


      4. Bonnie and Clyde. This is a very easy one that I did a couple of years ago. Basically a beret, skirt and ascot for the woman and a suit and fedora for the man. Buy cap guns from a toy store and you are set. Add some vampish makeup to become undead, post shoot out Bonnie and Clyde.

      5. Creepy doll. This is for ladies but guys could totally do this too. Either as a cross dressing one or as a male puppet. You can put your hair up in pigtails or if you have a brightly coloured wig, then that could definitely work! Combine with a short babydoll dress and knee high stockings or socks. Finally the makeup. Draw two red circles on the cheeks. Do an almost geisha-style lip inside your own lips. Using black liner to draw a line running up from your jaw and around into your mouth for the puppet look.  Add a few freckles and do a bright colour on your eyelid. Then make white semi-circles under your lids and black lines going outward to make like eyelashes. 




      6. Wednesday Addams is an all time favourite. Black wig or if your hair is long and black, then two plaited pigtails. A black dress with a white collar. Ideally make your skin a little pale and add a black lip and eye if you wish.

      7. Clowns are fully in. Pennywise is hot. His makeup is pretty simple- A white face, red nose, and lips. Cover the eyebrows entirely and draw a line curly line where they used to be. Then draw a red line starting from the inside of your mouth corners, coming out and up above your cheeks, under your eyes, and above all the way to higher than your natural brow line, pair it with a red wig or some sort of creepy hair style and you are set. Add red puffy baubles to the front of a white dress or top and along with some fake blood. Bring a red helium filled balloon with and be sure to tell people that they’ll float too...




      8. Mummy. Buy gauze and if you feel a little sexy then wear a bikini or swimming costume underneath and wrap where you see fit. Use safety pins to secure it or just tuck the ends in and I would opt for either fake blood to make it gross or to veer more in the direction of the 2017 movie The Mummy which was more black and dark. Make your face pale, eyes and lips dark and Use a little liquid liner to draw symbols across your face and add a black wig and you are ready.




      Hiring a costume is also always an option if you like to go full out but do not have the time or materials needed to create an outfit. Here are some of the Costume hire places around Joburg.


      Costume hire:


      Sinderella costume hire in Linden. They do costumes, wigs, hats and masks and have a wide range from period to tv and movies. They also offer website discounts as well as group discounts. Their prices are actually pretty reasonable with a deposit and costume hire fee together. If you lose it, then then replacement fee is fairly high. But most costumes come in at around R500 or less.


      Masquerade Costume hire and novelties in Bryanston. Their website is very comprehensive and though I haven’t been before, it looks like they are on the ball. They also have an online store where you can buy accessories, gloves, masks, even contact lenses, wigs, tutus and hats.


      Pirouette in Fontainbleu has been there since I was a lightie. This one is dedicated to kid’s costumes so if you have a little one that you want to dress up, then I suggest here.


      And if you don't feel like spending too much money, then stop in at a charity store. For a full list of the best ones to visit, you can check out my top charity store post


      So there you have it. A comprehensive list of Halloween parties, costume ideas and hire places all in one post. Now there is absolutely zero excuse for you not to go all out the Halloween!

      Do feel free to post pics of the gorgeous outfits you are going to be wearing cos I would really love to see.

      Happy Halloween everyone!

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